New! I was recently inited to brief the National Academies.


Creating the Change We Want To See

Creating Collective Action In Our Science

AMS Board for Representation, Accessibility, Inclusion, and Diversity

AMS BRAID strives to create a platform of leadership, advocacy, and networking for individuals from underrepresented groups in the atmospheric, oceanic, and hydrologic sciences. The Board, consisting of up to 20 members, represent the diverse membership of the Society through 5 full committees:

  • Communications and PR Committee
  • Coriolis Committee: LGBTQ+ Issues
  • Women in Atmospheric Science
  • Accessibility Action and Planning Committee
  • Committee for Hispanic and Latinx Advancement

AMS Committee for Hispanic and Latinx Advancement

AMS CHALA has raised issues of Hispanic/Latinx (HL) individuals through collaborative efforts across all sectors of the enterprise. Representing 66 scientists from academic institutions, broadcast networks, and governmental agencies, Ambassadors have joined forces to create meaningful change. From nationwide safety educational campaigns in Spanish to an upcoming publication that addresses disparities among Hispanic/Latinx students, efforts of AMS CHALA have been highlighted by prestigious entities, such as the World Meteorological Organization. The committee has four main visions, as established in the terms of reference:

  1. Fostering a community of Hispanic and Latinx scientists
  2. Providing Improved Resources for Multilingual scientists
  3. Establishing a HL joint network across academic, broadcast, public, & private sectors
  4. Translating AMS documents into languages that serve the HL community 

Efforts and Advocacy

Invited Talk at the National Academies

(My Presentation Begins at 44:30) In June of 2021, the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine invited me to elaborate on my work in non-English speaking populations. In this important talk, I highlight disparities in these communities. Rather than proposing short-term solutions, I present a case for building a supportive infrastructure for population-driven research, along with increased resources and support for bilingual practitioners present day.

Invited Panelist at #NAHJ2021: Climate Reporting By and for the Latinx Community

As the climate crisis continues to worsen, broadcast meteorologists and climate reporters stand at the frontline of communication efforts. At the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) International Training Conference, I was invited by Climate Central to elaborate on strategies in connecting with Spanish speakers in the U.S. Other leading scholars and practitioners also provided their perspectives in serving the Hispanic and Latinx community through this emerging threat.

National Lightning Safety Awareness Week En Español

Through a collaboration with the National Lightning Safety Council and over 13 bilingual broadcast meteorologists in the nation, AMS CHALA debuted its first lightning safety campaign en español. Creating safety graphics and hosting outreach events across the United States, CHALA Ambassadors proposed a new translation of “turn around don’t drown” and highlighted how Hispanic/Latinx communities have previously been disproportionately affected by lightning hazards. Violeta Yas, Lead of the CHALA Broadcast Ambassadors, and I were invited to present at the World Meteorological Organization to highlight our efforts at the international scale.

Fostering International Collaborations with Spanish-Speaking Countries

The Academia Ambassadors of AMS CHALA hosted an open-access webinar that addressed strategies in connecting with partners in communities that were once thought of unreachable. Moderated by Dr. Annareli Morales (check her page out: she’s fantastic!) and Dr. Brad Barrett, panelists shared their unique experiences and recommendations to build bridges among collaborators in the U.S. and Latin America.

Forecasting Your Career: Latinx Professionals in the Weather, Water, and Climate Enterprise

The Student Ambassadors of AMS CHALA hosted and moderated a panel that brought over 30 Hispanic and Latinx students and professionals in the weather, water, and climate enterprise together to network and chat. Realizing that the COVID-19 pandemic has limited interaction and resources for underrepresented students, Karimar Ledesma Maldonado and Jeanette Gallardo lead a wonderful session.

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